(Yahoo!) - As the cast and crew of "Glee" still mourn Cory Monteith's untimely death, they are going back to work on the show that made him a star.

At the Television Critics Association Thursday morning, Fox Entertainment Chairman Kevin Reilly said that the season's third episode, slated for Oct. 10, will write out Monteith's character, Finn Hudson. And it will "deal directly with the drug abuse" that led to Monteith's passing, though Reilly would not confirm if Finn dies from drugs.

Reilly praised star Lea Michele, Monteith's girlfriend on and off camera, for being a "pillar of strength" even as she grieves. She was the first one to urge the "Glee" team to return to work.

As for Reilly's reaction to Monteith's drug addiction and death, he noted that the actor had been "very open about it in his past, but not as open about his present." And unlike other situations where a cast member struggled with addiction, Reilly said, Monteith "was not a problem. Everybody loved him."

Reilly held off on any more specific details about the episode, as the writers are still penning it. But he did reveal that it will be accompanied by special drug-related PSAs shot by creator Ryan Murphy and cast members. And all proceeds from music sales will go to a fund in Monteith's name.


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