Researchers say their study of 23 thousand people shows them we are most happy in our early 20s and, then, when we hit the 60s.  When we’re in our mid-50s it can get ugly. 

An associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Baylor College of Medicine agrees with most of the findings.  Dr. Asim Shah says there are some primary reasons for those feelings.

“People are having kids at an early age, most of us,” he explains.  “When we’re in our mid-50s most of those kids are leaving home - and they have empty nest syndrome.”

Dr. Shah says just work through it because it’s going to get better for most of us.

“Yes, they may feel a little bit down at that time, because they’re feeling empty nest (syndrome) and they’re lonely,” he says, but, “It doesn’t last long, because, a lot of times, in their 60s, they have grandkids.”

Happiness peaks at 69 according to the study released by the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics.

That lasts for a few years, then your feelings trend downward again.  According to the doctor, there’s a simple reason, again. 

“The age at which people die has increased from 72 to 79 to even 81, in some cases, but we have not been able to improve the quality of life.”

The older you are, the sicker you get, and many of us are living in a nursing home by then.