Pity the poor airline passenger in economy class.  The founder of the passenger protection effort FlyersRights.com says things are getting worse for them.

“Economy class is getting more and more untenable and these events that you keep hearing about, says Kate Hanni, “with the knee defenders and people having hostility inside the cabin at 33 thousand feet.”

Hanni does offer her approval for one change the airlines are making -- doing away with first class and offering flat-bed seats in business class.  It's a little cheaper than first class and there's a lot of comfort for passengers on long trips.  She and her husband recently enjoyed the comfort on a long overseas flight.

“All business class seating in the front of the plane is becoming very popular,” she says.  “It's much more affordable and it was completely lie-flat beds in the business class.”

Hanni sells real estate in the Napa Valley area these days.