A study by the Pew Research Center's Hispanic Trends Project says the fastest growing Latino population is now in the state of Georgia, but the population is still anchored in three states; California, Florida and Texas.

“Texas will always be an immigration hub, not only because of the proximity to Mexico, but because of the international airport here and the port,” Hector Chavana Jr. of La Raza Justice Movement told KTRH. “They’ll come to Houston, New York, Georgia, wherever it is they can find opportunity is where they are going to go. Generally the population that is coming here are economic refugees.”

CCChavana says that immigrants are going to go wherever they can to find work and help their families from their home countries. And he also says it's something that's going to continue.

“The U.S, economy is going to continue to improve. That’s going to cause more people to come over. If that’s not met by improvement in Mexico of other Central Americans countries people are going to come. It’s not going to stop,” he explained.

And he says another reason immigrants are going to states like Georgia is because of the immigration climate that is in states like Arizona; that they simply won't stay where they feel they aren't wanted.

“If you look at what is going on in Arizona; that certainly has pushed out a number of Latinos. They are going to different states now. They don’t want to deal with that sort of climate,” Chavana explained.