A new survey by social business solutions provider Jive Software shows that a majority of Americans work during personal time and while on vacation.

The survey says 91% of employed U.S. workers are “on the job”  even when they are not on the clock.  Over 30% of those people say they put in the equivalent of a full days work per week while at home or in transit.

Financial Strategist Clark Hodges says that technology make it easier to interact with clients, answer e-mails and attend meetings while away from work.  And while working during personal time may seem like a negative, Hodges says the up side to it is that you‘re not tied down to always having to be in the office.  Hodges even admits to going to two meetings the last time he was on vacation. 

Speaking of vacation, 14% of American workers say they never take vacation.  That number also holds true for workers in the U.K. and Australia.  So what would most workers in the U.S. do if they had an extra 10 hours a week?  Over half say they’d spend more time with family.