The Houston Astros start the second half of the season at the Chicago White Sox Friday night, and if they keep up their first-half pace, "Mattress Mack" could again lose millions of dollars.

Gallery Furniture owner Jim McIngvale bet customers at the start of the season if the Astros match his age and win 63 games this season, they'll get their money back. 

Right now, the Astros are on pace to win 70.

"Five hundred customers took the offer, and they spent an average of about $8,000 each, so we're on the hook for about $4 million," McIngvale tells KTRH News.

Going back to the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl, this would be the third straight bet Mattress Mack could lose.  But he's okay with that.

"Since the big game promotion when Seattle won and we gave back $8 million, sales have been up about 20% since then," he says.  "It was very good marketing for us, and that's what we try to do, is marketing things for our customers that are fun, exciting and different."

By the way, the Astros are one and a half games ahead of the Texas Rangers who have the worst record in baseball right now.