Harris County prosecutors are expected to wrap up their case Thursday against a man on trial for killing a Bellaire police officer and local businessman.

Jurors the past two days have been shown graphic dash cam video and surveillance footage of 23-year-old Harlem Lewis III shooting and killing Corporal Jimmy Norman and Terry Tyler during a traffic stop on Christmas Eve 2012.

Defense attorney Patrick McCann acknowledges Lewis killed Norman and Tyler, but argues his client does not deserve the death penalty.

“He never wanted a confrontation ever,” McCann told reporters Wednesday.  “Harlem Lewis was frightened, cornered and ran to what he thought was a safe place and tried to call his parents.”

McCann will work to convince the jury Lewis should receive life in prison.

“If the death penalty is supposed to be for the worst of the worst, Harlem Lewis isn't it, and he hasn't been it,” he said.  “And there's nothing the state can do to try to make him into that is going to change that.”

The trial is expected to last into next week.