The shooting and stabbing spree carried out by Elliot Rodger in California last weekend have sparked another round in the fight between those that believe in gun rights and those that believe they should be tightened up.

The rhetoric was taken to another level when Samuel Wurzelbacher, otherwise known his as ‘Joe the Plumber,’ wrote an open letter to the families of Rodger's victims. In the letter, Wurzelbacher said, 'Your dead kids don't trump my Constitutional rights.' And he told our sister station WSPD in Ohio he isn't backing down from what he said.

“They want to use this tragedy to take away our rights and infringe upon our rights. That’s why my words may sound a little harsh, but I stand by them,” Wurzelbacher said.

He continued, “Every time a tragedy like this occurs, gun owners are hit over the head. We are called gun toting morons, idiots and rednecks.”

Houston gun rights attorney Edwin Walker told KTRH that Joe the Plumber might have gone too far with what he said.

“Those statements were imprudent. It’s certainly not something I would have said. It’s not something anyone I know would have said,” Walker stated.

And Walker says there was very little that Wurzelbacher said that was valid.

“The only part of his statement which had validity, which could have been articulated in a much more palatable manner, is that you do have to look at the nature of people’s Constitutional rights,” Walker explained.

Walker says California has some of the tightest gun laws in the country, and the tragedy still happened. And he doesn't expect any gun law changes to come because of this renewed debate.