We’ve all been told by somebody that it’s not a good idea to check your phone right before you go to sleep. And most of us have probably ignored that advice. But it might be time to rethink that.

If a new study is right, you'll sleep better and be more productive at work the following day if you don't look at your phone right before you hit the sack. Dr. Kevin Light of Ascientia told KTRH checking your email late at night could have long lasting effects.

“It can impact mood, cognition as well as sleep. It disrupts chemical and energy flow in the brain,” Light said. “The amount of energy a smart phone puts out can have a profound effect on all kinds of brain functions.”

And we haven't even talked about blue light yet, which also can make you toss and turn. And the University of Washington study says that’s the main culprit when you sneak in those email checks late at night.

However, Manpower's Gerry Burns says you shouldn't expect your boss to stop sending you those late night emails just because of one study.

“I don’t think so, not at the management level in companies. But more companies are keeping studies like this in mind,” Burns told KTRH.

And some, like Volkswagen, are shutting off email accounts when employees leave so that they can be more productive the next day. Smaller companies don’t share that way of thinking, though.

“I think you’ll find with smaller companies, it’s the owner that’s sending you the email at 10 o’clock at night wanting a response,” Burns said.

But now you have a scientific excuse if you don’t send your boss a reply.