The race for Texas Governor was once seen as a coronation for Attorney General Greg Abbott. But things between Abbott and State Senator Wendy Davis might be tightening up a bit.

That’s because Democratic State Senator Wendy Davis has gone on the attack in an ad that featured what happened when a vacuum salesman raped a woman in Seguin. The victim tried to sue the company. The case went all the way to the Texas Supreme Court. And even though the court sided with her, Abbott, then on the bench, ruled against her. Strategist Bill Miller says Davis is scoring some points with this commercial.

“She was behind. She needed to find an issue that grabbed the attention of the public and the media. She’s found that,” Miller explained. “She’s moving, and Abbott’s made a mistake by not getting after her in some form or fashion.”

But, Miller expects that at some point soon, Abbott will go after Davis.

“You can expect he will swing back at her. The Davis campaign knows it’s coming. They will pound her at some point, but they are late to swing the punch,” Miller said.

Will it be a knockout blow when Abbott does strike back?

“I don’t think so. I don’t think he puts her out,” Miller stated. “The question will be whether or not she can continue to raise money and stay equal to what Abbott is going to throw at her.”

Miller says Davis has closed the gap somewhat. Some polls say she's now within eight points of the Attorney General.