Opponents of Houston Mayor Annise Parker's equal rights ordinance will turn over petition signatures today to either force City Council into repealing the law or place it on the ballot.

Dave Welch at the Houston Area Pastor Council says his group has collected well over the roughly 17,000 signatures needed, but they still have to be verified.

“Once we turn them in to the city secretary, she has 30 days to process those signatures and verify them,” Welch tells KTRH News.

Despite minor changes made before it was passed, Welch says the controversial law remains virtually intact.

“It was an absolute bait and switch, the mayor removed language, but actually that language she removed made it worse,” says Welch.  “So the fact is, there are no restrictions right now in that ordinance on men entering women's restrooms, any provisions or protections for businesses, and ultimately other facilities including churches in the city.”

“We already have numerous reports of men going into women's restrooms in the city, so it is already happening, and that's why we need to step up and stop it,” he says.