A group of Democrats trying to turn Texas into a blue state says their effort is going better than expected. But Texas Republicans aren’t sitting on their hands while the Democrats are trying to take power away from them.

Battleground Texas, which is back in the news after a volunteer was caught on tape making fun of Attorney General Greg Abbott being in a wheelchair, says they are closer than ever to reaching their goals. Ellis Brachman told KTRH it's not just rhetoric.

“We have more than 10,000 active volunteers across the state. There’s real interest in seeing new voices heard in Texas government,” Brachman said.

\And he says that should have Republicans in the state nervous.

“They’ve taken the state granted for years. There are a lot of people in Texas who want to see change,” Brachman explained. “When we started less than a year ago they dismissed the effort. Now they are running around the state warning about Battleground Texas.”

However, Brachman says the job is far from finished.

“There are 2.2 million Texans who should be registered to vote that will be Democratic voters when they do that are not registered. We need to get out and talk to them, and we are,” Brachman stated.

Steve Munisteri, the Chairman of the Texas Republican Party, told KTRH that the group has gotten off to a good start. But it’s just a start.

“In terms of getting results, the margin that General Abbott has over Senator Davis has actually increased,” Munisteri said.

But that does not mean the party is sitting on their hands here.

“One of the things people don’t realize is that as the Democrats have increased and ramped up their organizational structure, we’ve done the same thing,” Munisteri said.

Munisteri says the party just doesn't send out as many press releases as Battleground Texas does.