A report from Homeland Security says North Korea could deliver on its threat to destroy the U.S. with a nuclear EMP attack.

The 2013 report remains hidden from the American public, but is slowly leaking out.  It talks about the real threat of an electromagnetic pulse that could knock us back into the stone age.

“The powerful blast by nuclear weapon would emit gamma rays, and the goal is not just to destroy property or kill people, its to shut down the electromagnetic band or power grid in the United States,” says terrorism expert Jeffrey Addicott at St. Mary's University.

“The issue is that they are looking at new avenues of approach into the United States,” Dr. Addicott tells KTRH News.  “We do have missile defense systems, but apparently from the South Pole we have nothing that could detect it before it got into our area, and that is very troubling.”

Former CIA director James Woolsey spoke about the impact of an EMP attack at the Reserve Officers Association just two months ago.

“The country has 18 critical infrastructures, food, water, etc.,” Woolsey told the group.  “Seventeen of them depend on the electricity, so if the electric grid goes, nothing else works.”

“Food stops being delivered after a few days, and water, depending how it is plugged in and connected, may shut down immediately,” said Woolsey.  “All but one military base in the United States is on the grid.”

Security officials say Iran poses the same risk if it gets a hold of nuclear weapons.  They say its time the Obama administration take preemptive action to protect against it.