A documentary profiling President George H.W. Bush has an endorsement from the current occupant of the White House.

"When people are giving back, those contributions are what clearly bridges all of us, democrat; republican; independent. It's fair to say that you couldn't have a better model for that than George H.W. Bush."

There are 41 testimonials in "41 on 41" which airs Sunday night, June 15th, on CNN.

Bush family spokesman Jim McGrath says President Obama isn't the only President to speak. Kind words from at least one other President – his son -- are no surprise.

"George Walker Bush; you've got William Jefferson Clinton and President Obama, all talking about their predecessor." 

McGrath says many of the 41 testimonials are not big shots but those who worked behind the scenes at the White House and knew President Bush in his personal life. 

"You've got White House butlers; you've got Billy Bush, his fishing buddy from up in Maine; you've got Arnold Palmer who's played golf with the President."

All have high praise for 41's character and kindness.