The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, already a major source of controversy because of what it would allow, has found itself right in the middle of the fire again.

Opponents had hoped to get the ordinance repealed by giving you a vote on it in the November elections. But, you won't have a say in this after all. City attorney David Feldman said the petition to get this on the ballot came up 2,000 signatures short. And he had other problems with the petition, too.

“There are simply too many documents with irregularities and problems to overlook,” Feldman said.

Dave Welch of the Houston Are Pastor's Council told our TV partner Local 2 he thinks his side got the short end of the stick here.

*PODCAST* Hero Ordinance Petition Falls Short ... Or Does It?

“We’re confident we fulfilled the requirements. We are very concerned about the integrity of this process,” Welch said.

Mayor Annise Parker, who has been the main force behind the new ordinance, says she expects the next step will be going to court.

“I do have the expectation there will be some legal action,” Parker stated.

And Welch admitted the courtroom is exactly where this is headed.

“We know we are dealing with a biased administration. We knew we were probably dealing with a court situation and we were prepared for that,” Welch explained.

Mayor Parker says she is going to delay the implementation of the ordinance. But she says it’s not an indefinite delay, since she is confident the courts will uphold the city's signature validation process.