Roman candles, fire crackers and sparklers are just as big a deal for the New Year as the Fourth of July.

Fireworks sellers are opening their stands today for the season.  Sue Davis is a spokesperson for Top Dog Fireworks.

“People would think that the Fourth of July is big because of the patriotism thing, but actually the seasons are very comparable,” Davis says.  “They're both about 10-to-11 days and people just like to have their fireworks.”

She says prices haven't gone up much since summer.  Use them properly, follow the rules, and fireworks are a safe form of entertainment.

A lot of people work together to create their own special show.

“It's not unusual to have people come in and buy, say, two thousand dollars worth of fireworks,” she explains, “and they all go and to a church parking lot, or a cul-de-sac in their neighborhood and put on one big show.”