Bradford Regional Medical Center (BRMC) a psychiatric hospital in central Pennsylvania will become the nation's first facility to offer an inpatient treatment program for people diagnosed with severe Internet addiction. 

Online guru Peter Shankman said he agrees with medical studies showing the similarities between substance abuse and internet addiction withdrawals, "when you get a text, or a ding, or a tweet, the brain actually releases dopamine."  

The 10 day voluntary program is where patients undergo a "digital detox" and cannot use the internet or computer for 72 hours followed by a psychological evaluation.  

There are people who may feel they suffer from Internet addiction but can't afford BRMC's $14,000 program.  Dr. Jeff Temple, Director of UTMB'S Behavioral Health and Research Program suggests they go to a "psychologist or if they can't find a psychologist go to their primary care physician who would then refer them to a pyschologist."

Bradford Regional Medical Center will open the program September 9th at the Behavioral Health Services section of the facility.  Insurance does not cover the cost so patients will have to pay out of pocket.