Galveston is adding a parking district to the beach city. The Galveston Police Department is introducing the Seawall Parking District.

The new lot will have provide additional parking with increased security.

Beachgoers can pay for parking by calling an 800 number, going online to pay, or downloading an app to your smartphone.

The charge is a dollar per hour between 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Yearly passes are also available for $25.

Michelle Stoneking, a beachgoer, is hoping the parking district will make a difference.

“Trying to parallel park with the traffic up and down the Seawall is impossible,” Stoneking said.

Four extra officers will be hired to patrol the area.

Crews are currently working to put signs on each pole along the Seawall.

Parking will be free for the next couple of weeks.

Police say the money from the pay-by-phone will go towards beautifying the Seawall.