An arrest of a La Marque man in Galveston back in March has taken a strange twist.

Reginald Davis wants criminal action taken against officers Joe Santos and Archie Chapman, two of the officers seen using force in arresting him in March for sleeping in his car. The arrest was captured on camera, where officers are seen using force to subdue Davis.

“It was a traumatic experience. I’ve never been through anything like that in my life before,” Davis told our television partner, Local 2

Davis filed suit and says he still has nightmares about what happened. Galveston Police Chief Henry Porretto is standing by his officers.

“The event occurred due to the actions of the suspect. Our officers responded appropriately to a dangerous situation. We support their actions,” Porretto said.

Former Houston cop Mark Stephens says the cops did nothing wrong after taking a look at the tape.

“What I see is their reaction is in direct proportion to his action.” Stephens told Local 2. “That is a level of resistance they have to match and overcome to affect the arrest.”

There was an internal investigation done by the Galveston Police Department. They determined the officers did nothing wrong. The officers involved have not been disciplined.