Nearly every worker thinks they are worth more than the boss is paying them.  So, how do you bridge that gap?  Financial expert Jack Swanda says a lot of employees think they are entitled to more money, but that's not a winning approach to getting that raise.  Too many people feel entitled.

“It's something you're not entitled to, it's more of a value proposition,” Swanda says.  “That's what you have to identify.  What value do you bring and then what is it worth?”

Coming up with a persuasive argument is important -- and you actually have to ask for the pay bump.  If you're turned down, you can still get valuable information which can help you get a "yes" next time.

“Really,” he says, “the process of asking for a raise is capitalism in its purest form.”

And, there’s one way to make sure the boss says yes.  He explains, “If you really want to be paid what you think you're worth -- become self-employed.”