You might have heard about the special needs girl in Baytown whose school denied her a chance to go to the homecoming dance at Lee High School. But Courtney LeBlanc is about to get her fairy tale ending.

Courtney is going to get to have her dance after all, according to her mom, Crystal McClain.

“We have had people throw together a homecoming dance for Courtney at the Baytown Fairgrounds,” McClain said.

The controversy started when Courtney, who is 21 and has Down Syndrome was asked by her friend Derek, who is 27 and also has special needs. That's past the cutoff age, which is 21. Lee High School said no to the date. The decision was hard to take for Courtney’s stepfather, Chris McClain.

“They don’t have the opportunities most children get to have. This is something special to her. I want her to have that,” McClain told our television partner, Local 2.

You were outraged by this and let Matt Patrick know about it on his afternoon show.

“In raising my kids, they had rules to follow, but sometimes there were exceptions to those rules depending on the circumstances,” one caller said.

Another caller asked Patrick, “What if Derek hadn’t stepped up? What if her brother or father had told her they would take her?”

The school changed their minds about allowing Derek into the dance, but the McClains have a simple message.

"Thanks, but no thanks," McClain said.

They’ll do their dance on their own.