It’s a big news day in the Houston Fire Department.  Fifteen year department veteran and union president Bryan Sky-Eagle has announced his resignation from the position while claiming threats were made against him and his family.  On the same day a one-hundred eighty-five page report on the May 2013 Southwest Inn Motel fire that took the lives of four Houston firefighters is out. 

Bryan Sky-Eagle says he is stepping down as the president of the firefighters union after receiving threats of violence towards him and his family by fellow firefighters.   Sky-Eagle has been negotiating for months with the city over firefighter pensions and benefits.  He told our t-v partner Local 2 one threat specifically mentioned loosening the wheels on his truck.

"Why would you even consider taking the wheels off someone’s truck? I’m with my family at night, we travel at night and we travel in this truck." Sky-Eagle said. "I am absolutely concerned for me and my family that is without a doubt."

According to Sky-Eagle, the Harris County District Attorney’s office is now investigating the threats that were made via e-mail and on social media. 

Officials are also releasing a report on the Southwest Inn fire from May of 2013 with our t-v partner Local 2 in which four Houston firefighters were killed.  In part the report says that high winds along with the H-F-D radio system were huge problems in the tragedy.  No official cause of the blaze was given in the report but Houston Fire Chief Terry Garrison will have more on it later today.