Within months of the Board of Education’s vote to prohibit the use of any race or ethnic group as a mascot or nickname, new mascot names for four HISD schools will be unveiled in coming days. 

Mascots for Lamar (formerly Redskins) and Westbury (formerly Rebels) high schools and Hamilton (formerly Indians) and Welch (formerly Warriors) middle schools will replace the schools’ existing mascots this fall.

HISD Superintendent Terry Grier will make the announcement, along with principals from Lamar and Westbury High Schools this Tuesday, April 15.

HISD representatives say each campus was allowed to create its own process to select a new mascot name. All of the processes included student, community and alumni input, with several using voting as a way to choose the new name. Similar processes will continue as schools decide on actual symbols that will represent their athletic programs and create methods to respectfully retire their old mascots. 

HISD administration will continue working closely with schools as they replace the old mascots and assist with ordering new uniforms, and removing vestiges of the old symbols from gyms, hallways, marquees, and signs.