Existing Texas laws would seem to protect the Harris County man who shot his son to death during what he thought was a burglary

Derrick Casson said two men were breaking in, they confronted him and he opened fire.  He later found his 19 year old son dead of a gunshot wound in the backyard. 

“Walk in on an intruder and you don’t know who that intruder is – and if you perceive there’s an assault about to happen, then yes, you do have the right to protect yourself and protect your property,” says Jason Page, owner of Big Thunder Firearms Training.

The Castle Doctrine allows Texans to defend themselves and their real property.

“It sounds like the homeowner was within his rights,” Page says.  “When people break in and it’s at night and you can’t see, you have about two seconds to make a judgment call.  Otherwise your life may be over.”