With temperatures approaching or passing triple digits, the threat of heat exhaustion or heat stroke becomes all-too-real in Houston.  Hallucinations, confusion or slurred speech are some of the symptoms.  Dr. James Pinckney says the first thing you do is call 9-1-1.

“Then, the next important thing is to get them immersed in some kind of ice bath or very cold water, because this is life-threatening,” Pinckney says.  “Every second matters and you have to get that core temperature down as soon as possible.”

You will notice the symptoms.

“If someone is hallucinating, they're confused, they have slurred speech -- then you want to look out for heat stroke,” the doctor says.  “Their core temperature is going to be elevated.”

He says, in addition to fluid, it is important to remember that salt intake is very important when you're dealing with dehydration.