How often do you pull into the drive-thru? Is it a couple of times a week for lunch? Maybe a quick dinner as you take your kids home from their soccer games? The numbers will surprise you.

According to a new study the average American spends $1200 a year to have it their way. That's a hundred dollars a month. It breaks down to twice a week. Health and wellness expert Judy Gaman says we're setting ourselves up for problems down the road.

“What this is about is the long term effect. Eating like that twice a week is just a precursor for diabetes, hypertension and all the things that come along with it,” Gaman said.

Deborah Woehler of the Oliver Foundation says the problem is here in Houston is that you have choices, and temptation, everywhere you turn.

“People can go for fast food at any time of the day,” Woehler said. The sad thing is you see the cars lined up waiting for the fast food all the time.”

Part of this is the convenience of the drive thru, but Gaman says you can easily take a healthy snack with you and beat your cravings that way.

“Get some fruit, cut it up, put it in a snack baggie and keep it in a cooler,” Gaman said.

The bottom line, according to Woehler is that we aren’t just hurting ourselves. We are hurting our kids.

“We have generations of kids that are going to have health problems. They’ve had limited dairy in their diet. It’s been replaced by fast food, soft drinks and energy drinks,” Woehler explained.