The issue of immigration is back in the news, and has been for the last couple of weeks. By now you’ve seen the stories of kids crossing the border into Texas on their own. You’ve seen the pictures of these children being held at detention centers and Air Force bases in Texas.

And now the experts say it’s going to have an impact on the upcoming election in November.

But first, there’s the issue of why we’re seeing the overflow of people coming in, and the amount of coverage it’s getting. 

Bryan Preston of The Grid told KTRH thinks something is fishy here with the amount of coverage we're seeing.

“There is a flood coming through. The question is whether someone on the left sparked this. I haven’t seen any direct evidence of this yet,” Preston said.

But many people suspect that's the case, and there are reports that the media in countries like Guatemala are encouraging people to come because they'll be allowed to stay due to our broken system. And Preston believes this is also because we haven’t done anything to fix the broken immigration system.

“Someone has to be behind this because the actual progress of the bill in Congress

Preston says the images of these children packed into detention centers could affect the elections in five months.

“The flip side of seeing these pictures is the feeling of chaos on the border and the feeling that Congress may be contributing to that,” Preston told KTRH News. 

“If you believe the border is unsecured then all of this reinforces your view that we need to stop talking about amnesty and legalization,” Preston explained. 

And if you need proof it could impact the election, just look at what happened with Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor, who was beaten in the primary by David Brat, an economics professor running on the immigration issue alone.