If you drink Bud or Coors you may be horrified to find out what's in your beer. A food blogger

"Like ingredients found in airplane de-icing liquid, genetically modified ingredients -- even fish swim bladders."

The self-proclaimed "Food Babe" may just be playing the role of Chicken Little. But this is good news for Houston craft brewers. 

Josh Haley is founder of Texian Brewing Company in Richmond. He doesn't put fish swim bladders in his beer.

"The craft brewers are sticking to water, malt, hops and yeast; your four core ingredients."

Haley says he understands why the big brewers put additives in their beer, but he wouldn't mind seeing a little more nutrition information on cans of Budweiser.

"It's absolutely a plus for our business and our peers here in the Houston area because we're not using those scary additives."

The Food Babe says Anheuser-Busch has agreed to post beer ingredients online.

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