As your kids start their second week of the school year you’ve probably heard by now how much they hate their new, healthier school lunches.

It turns out you’re not the only ones hearing about it.

Your kids are frustrated that they're being forced to eat healthy by new rules set by First Lady Michelle Obama. They've taken to Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube to vent. One South Carolina girl even started up an online petition. Sales of the healthier school lunches are down in some areas. Health and wellness expert Judy Gaman says this never would have happened a few years ago.

“We live in a different world. Now everyone has an opinion and now they have a way to voice it. It used to be that their complaints didn’t get very far. Now they can send their message around the world,” Gamman explained.

SShe says Mrs. Obama made a big mistake with these new healthy guidelines for kids.

"We’re trying to have them to live by adult rules. They’re kids. It’s not fair. They’re not developed that far,” Gamman stated. “Instead of educating them, we’re dictating what they can eat and what they can drink.”

The bottom line, Gamman says is that Mrs. Obama has hit your kids where it hurts most.

“The worst thing you can do is hit someone in their stomach. You’re going to love someone that feeds you well and you’re going to hate someone that is taking away something you think you need,” Gamman explained.

And if you think that YouTube video was an aberration, search 'School lunch' on Twitter. You'll see how angry your kids are that they have to eat healthy while Mrs. Obama has been photographed eating a cheeseburger.