A new political group says you will be surprised to learn just how much work your Congressman actually does for you. And the group says it is taking a look at lawmakers from both major political parties.

The group is called Fix Our America and its ad says lawmakers spend between 40-70 percent of their time raising campaign funds as opposed to working for you. Group president Jay Levin told KTRH his group has had it with Washington.

“It’s a group of people tired of donating to campaigns and seeing the votes not going their way,” Levin said.

Levin maintains the system is broken.

“The system is infinitely corrupt. They barely read the bills that they vote on,” Levin stated.

Levin says his group is going to examine everyone in Washington.

“We’re looking at both sides of the aisle. A lot of politicians hate the system but they are stuck in it. We want to liberate them,” Levin explained. “It doesn’t matter if they are Democrats or Republicans. Each one of them has to talk to the money people and find out what they want before they vote.”

Levin does say only two local Congressmen, Gene Greene and Sheila Jackson Lee, have signed on to support his efforts. Both are Democrats.