It’s what we all work for; the day we can retire and enjoy the rest of our lives. But some of you say that day may never come.

A new Wells Fargo survey says 37% of you say you'll never be able to retire. Those people say they'll work until they literally drop dead. KTRH Money man Pat Shinn says there's something wrong with that.

“Half of all people who plan to work until they drop dead are not going to be able to work that long. They’ll be forced out for health reasons. They’ll be forced out for job cuts,” Shinn said.

Shinn says that will lead to you having to make some hard decisions.

“People need to be prepared for relatives asking you if they can move in,” Shinn explained.

And that’s because those relatives just won’t have enough money to live on their own.

“Social security will be there, but the benefit is no longer going to keep pace with inflation,” Shinn stated.

So what does Shinn suggest He’s got a simple savings plan for you as far as your 401k is concerned.

“Go up one percent per year. If you’re saving 4%, next year you would want to save 5%. Before you know it you will be at the full 15%,” Shinn explained.

Some other numbers from the survey. 59% say their main concern is paying their bills; 42% say both saving and paying just isn't possible; 48% aren't confident they will save enough for a comfortable retirement; and 34% say they'll have to work until they are 80 years old.