Sunday marks the 45th anniversary of the Moon landing. But a member of the Apollo 11 crew says we should go to Mars before we return to the Moon.

While Mars seems like a much more difficult achievement, legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin told KTRH's Matt Patrick focusing on a return to the Moon would allow the Russians or the Chinese to reach Mars first.

"I would imagine that after ten or twenty years of regular permanence on Mars that we would be going back to the Moon again."

Aldrin says it would be a mistake to focus on the Moon now.

"I believe if we went back to the Moon as our primary objective in the next ten or twenty years this would relegate the United States to a secondary (status)."

Aldrin has launched a social media campaign called #Apollo45 to remind us of the Moon landing and get us to share how it inspired us.

PODCAST: Back in March of this year, Houston's Morning News with Matt Patrick welcomed the second man on the moon, Buzz Aldrin, to discuss the possibility of living on the moon. He believes it will be pioneered by the Chinese and thinks the US should help them, not compete, in order to maintain our leadership on the effort. Aldrin explains what space exploration progress could be made worldwide in the next 10 or 20 years. Listen in for details. More podcasts.