Texas Lawmakers are headed to McAllen today for a special field hearing on the crisis at the Texas-Mexico border. Among those scheduled to testify today include Texas Governor Rick Perry.

As the hearing takes place it turns out that some of these illegal immigrants that have come into Texas are being released into your neighborhoods and given a ticket to appear at a deportation hearing. Officials say they pose no threat to the community and don’t have criminal records, but former Houston police officer Mike Knox told KTRH he has his doubts about that.

“There’s no way for them to know who it is that is actually crossing the border. Many of these people don’t have identification. They have to take their names and dates of birth at face value,” Knox said.

And Knox, who has done extensive work on gangs during his career, says some of these people could wind up joining gangs because of their financial situations.

“It’s very likely for them, especially the 12-21 year olds, to join street gangs,” Knox told KTRH News.

And if these illegal immigrants continue to break the law while they are here, Texas Congressman Louis Gohmert told KTRH they can cause our society to go in a negative direction.

“These people leave places where the economy is in shambles. They come here and say they want you to ignore the rule of law which will make us like the third world country they just left,” Gohmert told KTRH News.

“That’s the tragic irony. They are coming here not realizing they are demanding that our country become the tragic economy they just left,” Gohmert explained.