If your child spends a lot of time online or on their smart phone, there is an app that has many parents concerned.

The app is called 'Bang with Friends.' It encourages casual encounters between friends. Mitch Butler of Eye Guardian tells KTRH this is just the latest one out there.

“It continues evolving, just with new players. There’s always some social media out there not looking out for the best interests of our children,” Butler explained.

Therapist Mary Jo Rapini told KTRH there’s a difference between this app and others out there that has her worried.

“The fact that parents may not be able to monitor or check this. It’s not Facebook. This one makes it tougher for you to do that,” Rapini said.

So what can you do about it? There are apps like Butler’s Eye Guardian that help monitor what your kids are doing. Jo Rapini says if you are going to do that, be up front with your kid about it.

“Tell them directly that you are going to hire this service and that it will make you as a parent feel more comfortable,” Rapini said.

Butler says kids are getting an early start when it comes to all the latest technology.

“The average age of a first time smart phone today is age 11. We don’t put them through smart phone class or online class. We just turn them loose to the Wild, Wild West,” Butler stated.