Straight from the movie "Footloose,” some high schools around the nation are forcing students to sign "No Twerking" contracts this Homecoming season.

From the Oxford dictionary: “dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance.”

There's no denying popular dancing has become more sexual in nature over the years, but Miley Cyrus' recent twerking at the VMAs sent some school leaders over the edge.

“Its just another tool in the toolbox which makes very clear for students and parents the expectations of students at the dance, what is permitted, what is prohibited and what the consequences are if you engage in prohibited activity,” says Bob Mosier, a superintendent in Maryland where students are required to sign the contract.

Mosier insists it is not a top-down mandate.

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“Its a collaboration of students and administrators, and in some cases parent groups, just coming together and saying this is what we want our dance to be and this is the kind of behavior we expect from the students who attend,” he tells KTRH News.

We couldn't find any Houston-area districts forcing kids to sign a No Twerking contract, but many already have rules against lewd behavior written into their student code of conduct.

Meanwhile, varsity cheerleaders at Wharton High School were benched for Friday night’s game.  They were being punished for putting condoms into homecoming “spirit” bags that were distributed to members of the varsity football team. 

The girls also got a one day in-school suspension.

In a statement, the district said the punishment was to teach students proper behavior.