It’s a day that some have looked forward to, but it’s also a day that many have been wary of. Obamacare is officially here, and if you are going to sign up today it might be harder than you think.

Health care reform expert Mark Hatcher says if you are going to try and sign up today, it's not going to be as easy as they say it’ll be.

Hatcher asked, “Can the website handle the amount of activity coming out of the box with people going in and figuring out exactly what they need to do?”

Analysts are expecting a rush of people to go to the exchanges today. Think of it like Black Friday and you are looking for the best bargains.

“We’re going to have a big rush through this week of people signing up,” Hatcher said.

And once you are able to get going, Hatcher says the process is likely to give you a headache.

“It’ll be a difficult process because of all the information you’ll have to provide and the amount of steps you have to go through,” Hatcher explained to KTRH.

The government will be providing 'Navigators' to help people through the process.

“More or less they will be helping individuals through the process,” Hatcher stated.

But Hatcher says until the bugs in the system get worked out, it might be better to hang back for a couple of days before going for it.