A controversial gun rights rally planned for Houston's 5th ward this weekend has been postponed.  Open Carry Texas says it wants to work with black activists who opposed the rally to “correct the lies, miscommunication, and vitriol” surrounding the event. 

Alan Korwin helped write the book on gun laws in Texas and elsewhere, and recently won a lawsuit against the city of Phoenix over his “Guns Save Lives” campaign.

“People who are against us on this issue are anti-freedom, anti-self defense and anti-civil rights and anti the human right of self defense,” Korwin tells KTRH News.

He believes Houston's black community missed an opportunity to learn about why the right to bear arms is so important.

“The laws that stopped Texans from carrying firearms were originally designed to keep free slaves from bearing arms right after the Civil War,” he said.

Korwin says the 14th Amendment – which ensures equal protection – was enacted to prevent white racists from keeping blacks from bearing arms.