Two potential Republican presidential candidates in 2016 make an appearance on their home turf.  Both Governor Rick Perry and Senator Ted Cruz addressed attendees at the RedState Convention, which is being held in Fort Worth through Sunday. 


Perry’s address opened the day’s activities, while Cruz wrapped it up.


The junior Texas senator says conservatives are winning on issues like Obamacare and immigration.  After his speech, Cruz told reporters “time will tell” whether he will enter the race for the GOP nomination, but added “By all accounts, there are 10, 12, 15 people who seem to be thinking about running... What I would encourage each of them to do is stand up and lead.”  Asked about a possible run by Perry, Cruz said he’ a “friend” and a “terrific governor”, but wouldn’t comment further.


Both Cruz and Perry are scheduled to speak at the Family Leadership Summit at Iowa State University this weekend.