The auto theft division at the Houston Police Department isn't convinced that there’s a magical device being used by crooks to open any wireless lock in a car door.  Internet video shows a thief pointing an object at a car that owner says was locked, then opening the door and stealing some items.  HPD Officer Jim Woods is skeptical, saying the video could be faked and he thinks this is a hoax.

"Supposedly, one of the bigger police agencies around central Texas found something,” Woods says, “with suspects involved, and they submitted the item to the manufacturer, and the manufacturer says it doesn't work.”

Woods says no crooks appear to be using the device in Houston.  He says he'd like to see -- first-hand -- if there is some kind of universal device that will wirelessly unlock car doors.

“So, until somebody actually identifies a device,” he says, “and says this actually will work -- or shows it will work -- right now, it's a hoax.”