All of the bad news we’ve seen come out of Washington over the last two years apparently has you feeling fed up with the way the people you’ve elected are doing their jobs.

recent poll done by the University of Texas and the Texas Tribune shows that 72% of you disapprove of the job Congress is doing. Jim Henson is one of the poll's directors and told KTRH it's not partisan politics.

“Both Republicans and Democrats have a grim view of Congressional behavior and performance,” Henson said.

While 72% disapprove of Congress 56% feel the same way about the President.

“There’s virtually no support for him amongst Republicans,” Henson explained. The disapproval of the President among republicans in Texas is both widespread and intense.”

Henson says if you're running for office in November one thing is clear. 

“If you’re a Republican candidate you run against the President. If you’re a member of Congress you run against dysfunction in the chamber and you run against Washington in general,” Henson told KTRH News. 

One more note. A recent CNN poll showed that 51% of Americans had an unfavorable view of President Obama. And President George W. Bush, who has been out of the White House for almost six years now, had the same rating.