With the crises in the Middle East and Ukraine continuing, many of you are now of the opinion that President Obama hasn’t been nearly tough enough in his role as President.

A new poll from USA Today and the Pew Research Center shows you are open to the U.S. taking a larger role around the world. Bryan Preston of The Grid told KTRH the murder of James Foley in the Middle East was the tipping point.

"Seeing the brutal murder of an American might have changed it. He was a photojournalist. He was not a CIA or military operative,” Preston said, explaining how a nation that was tired of war a few years ago seems to be changing its attitudes.

Would your attitude towards these crises be different if the Foley murder hadn’t been as brutal and public as ISIS made it?

“The video has probably had a lot to do with capturing your attention on this,” Preston stated.

According to the poll, 54% of you think the President hasn't been tough enough on foreign policy and another poll says you're twice as likely to strongly approve of the President's job performance as you are to strongly approve of how he’s done. Preston says it's all about the President's leadership skills.

“Americans aren’t used to this. We’re used to the United States leading the world. Right now it doesn’t seem like anyone is doing that, and that is a big problem,” Preston explained. “People see what’s going on around the world and people see that American foreign policy doesn’t seem to exist.”

This second poll from Gallup indicating that a total of 53% overall of you disapprove of the job the President has been doing.