If you have a child in school then you know what the term ‘school ticketing’ means. But, there’s a new law that is changing the way those tickets are being given out.

It used to be that if your kid disrupted class or talked back to teachers they got a ticket, court date and possible fine. The new law makes the requirements for getting those tickets a little tougher.

“You have to have a teacher or school official say that a person is violating the law because he assaulted someone,” State Senator John Whitmire told KTRH.

Whitmire says the law was passed because tickets were being written for too many things that should be handled by teachers. And he also says officers in school districts were too quick to write those tickets out.

“You have police officers in large school departments that were trying to justify their existence. We’re trying to keep the school environment for teaching,” Whitmire explained.

He also explains teachers may not like the new law.

“Some teachers don’t want to deal with school behavior and we have asked them to do more with less,” Whitmire stated.

And if you're worried about the system going soft, Whitmire says you shouldn't be.

“If you use drugs or bring a gun to campus it’s a criminal matter. You’ll be given a ticket and arrested,” Whitmire said. “We’re simply trying to stop criminalizing school behavior.”

Under the new law, if kids are charged, prosecutors could choose to have them do community service or get counseling before taking them to court.