Many are waiting to see if President Obama ‘uses his pen’ and acts on the immigration by himself without Congress.

He’s been threatening to do so ever since Washington failed to act on his request for $4B to deal with the crisis at the Texas-Mexico border. However, there are some that would like to see him hold off on acting. Those people might just be his fellow Democrats.

And those Democrats, according to Texas Congressman Henry Cuellar, are the ones fighting to keep their jobs.

“Some of them, the ones in more competitive races, fear it could come up as an issue if the President decides to act on his own,” Cuellar told KTRH News. “It will be a matter of timing. Will he do it before or after the election? There are immigrant groups pushing for him to do it now.”

Mark Jones at Rice University says there is be a way for President Obama to act without hurting his own party.

“The smartest move would be for him to signal to activists that he is going to do it, but delay any action until after the elections,” Jones said. “That way de doesn’t do something that could be used by Republicans to hammer away at Senate Democrats.”

Jones says the President has to decide who is more important here - his fellow Democrats or migrants looking for legal status.