Good news for kids, a new study says video games can make kids happy and more social.

Not so fast!  The study out of Oxford University found that limited video game use is linked to kids who are happier and more well-adjusted.  They polled 5,000 kids between the ages of 10 and 15 and found a link between kids who were happier and well adjusted and limited daily video game use.

They found that the positive effects were only seen in kids who played video games up to an hour a day.  But, those positive effects nearly completely disappeared for kids who played more than an hour a day.

Family therapist Mary Jo Rapini says an hour a day is okay, "An hour isn't that much time, an hour is you know like a t.v. show.  Which, I think is a good idea, but the problem is you have to limit it."

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Rapini says parents need to stay involved in their children's video game habits, to limit and to control the types of games they play.

The study did find that kids who spent more than half of their daily free time playing video games were not well adjusted because they were missing out of other enriching activities and possibly getting exposed to inappropriate content designed for adults.  

High video game use in kids has been linked to hyper-activity disorders, anti-social behaviors, and problems making friends.