We've already seen a sneak preview of some Super Bowl ads, like Budweiser's puppy and Clydesdale. Cheerios again will feature a bi-racial couple, and Chevy hooks up a bull with some very lucky ladies.

So which do you prefer, the game or commercials?

Recent polling suggests a majority of Americans are actually looking forward to the ads. Maybe not surprisingly, more than two-thirds of those are women.

"Of course the ladies are in another room while the game is on, but once the ads are on, we all let together in one big room," says one KTRH listener.

With Scarlett Johansson and Danica Patrick making appearances, many men enjoy the ads too.

"I don't mind the commercials because they're always different and interesting," another listener told us.

Let's hope so with ads running $4 million or more.

Josh Okun is executive creation director at Houston’s The Company of Others. He says with 100 million people expected to tune in, even companies that don't need to advertise, do.

"It's not just that one moment that they're buying, they're buying a place in the conversation that's going to happen for weeks and even months after that," he tells KTRH News.

Okun calls it a worthwhile investment that really takes on a life of its own.

"Its ability to get into social media and the social mindset, and the context and vernacular and become a part of pop culture is absolutely a result from being involved in the Super Bowl," he says.