Few of us enjoy hearing lawmakers have voted themselves a pay raise. Now comes word Texas legislators are increasing their pensions in a sneaky way.

Texas lawmaker pensions increase based on salaries for district judges. Austin political consultant Bill Miller says yeah, they're trying to hide it.

"And it's not that everybody dislikes it; it's that the people who don't like it are really vociferous and abusive about it."

Miller says Texas lawmakers don't make that much and it doesn't bother him.

"They do, overall, a really good job and it's a hard job and it's a nominal sum for them to pay themselves."

Lawmaker pensions increase $23 for every $1,000 judges are paid.

"They put up with a great deal of abuse from constituents; they do a lot of favors for people -- which is their job to do. So, it's a hard job; it's not easy. There are benefits and a decent pension is one of them and I don't begrudge 'em that."