Bucking a recent trend, in Minnesota the Mall of America, the largest shopping mall in the country, announced last week that they are not going to open at all on Thanksgiving Day.  They gave the idea a shot in the past couple years, opening a little earlier on turkey day each year, but have decided to trash the concept.  "We've been talking about this for months," Jill Renslow, senior vice president of marketing and business development at the mall says.  “We're excited to give this day back to our employees so they can celebrate with their families."

“We’ve seen some backlash with Thanksgiving store openings, but this is a pretty big statement Mall of America is making,” says shopping expert Trae Bodge. She thinks other retailers may follow suit.  “I would expect that many, many more stores will be refusing to open their doors as well for Thanksgiving.”

There are a number of stores that never joined the bandwagon or have also decided to take the holiday off, among them Costco, Home Depot, Dillards and Marshalls.  “I think the holiday shopping season is more spread out than it used to be.  Where Black Friday used to be the kickoff, now it’s mid-October,” says Bodge.


Yikes!!  Mid-October is next weekend.  Grab your credit card!