New research indicates we may by nature be addicted to sunlight.

Tests on shaved lab mice exposed to U-V rays found that their brains produced the feel-good hormone endorphin, causing them to develop a craving for sunlight.

Dr. Grant Fowler, a professor at the UTHealth Medical School and physician at Memorial Hermann, says there are medications that cut off production of endorphins.  When these were given to the mice, the mice presented typical drug withdrawal symptoms.

And it doesn’t matter if you are getting those UV rays from sunlight or tanning beds.

“With tanning beds they market them as being safer with UV radiation ‘A’ and ‘B’.  It turns out all of it is bad for you,” Dr Fowler says.

“We’ve been wondering why the incidence of skin cancer continues to go up, probably faster than most other cancers, and yet we know the mechanism of it.  We explain it, we’ve done a lot of public health, public education, yet the incidence keeps going up.  And the exposure to sunlight keeps going up, and that kind of explains it, because it’s addicting type behavior,” Dr. Fowler tells KTRH News.

He advises that you avoid tanning beds and always were sunscreen when going outside.