Texas Governor Rick Perry isn’t wearing cowboy boots anymore.  Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson has likened Perry to a “West Coast metrosexual.  Perry has explains that he’s had recurring back pain that is made worse by wearing cowboy boots.

Rocky Carroll isn’t buying it.

“So I called his office,” famed boot-maker Carroll tells KTRH News.  “I’m waiting for his secretary to call me back so I can talk to Rick.  Tell him I can fix his boots so he can wear them.  He needs to wear boots in Texas.”

Carroll says he has made boots for many political and world figures.  It started with then Vice President George H.W. Bush, who made it possible to get a pair for President Reagan, who made it possible for Mikhail Gorbachev to get a pair.  Even Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip were presented with Carroll made cowboy boots.  Rocky says he would love to be able to design a pair for the newest Duchess of Cambridge.

“She’s a beautiful girl,” Carroll says.

The speculation is rampant that Perry is dropping his ever-present cowboy boots to offer a more “presidential” look heading in to the 2016 primary, having already received positive comments regarding his black-framed glasses.

However it may take more than a pair of loafers to erase in the minds of non-Texans that Perry hails from the Lone Star State.  Having offended many, his attempt to satisfy everyone may end up satisfying no one.