The next time you hear President Obama or any White House official blame President George W. Bush for the problems at the Texas-Mexico border, take it with a grain of salt.

According to some new numbers floating around Capitol Hill, the number of illegal immigrants has risen from 95,000 in mid 2012 to 110,000 this year. The number of illegal immigrant children has gone up 50% in that same time frame. Political analyst Chris Begala says the numbers are all the proof you need that this is tied to a decision made by the White House in 2012 to use prosecutorial discretion with illegal immigrants who entered this country as children.

“There is no doubt the surge has everything to do with President Obama and this administration,” political analyst Chris Begala told KTRH.

And that is part of the reason why Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott told Matt Patrick on KPRC 950 that he's taking steps to get back some of the money Texas is putting out because of this crisis.

“Texas taxpayers should not have to pay for this. This is the direct result of the federal government failing to secure our border,” Abbott said, adding he will sue Washington if they don’t pay Texas the money the state is looking for.

Cruz files alternative to Cornyn/Cuellar bill

Elsewhere, Senator Ted Cruz made it official on Thursday, filing a bill that he says will immediately stop the flow of immigrants crossing illegally. It's an alternative to the Cornyn/Cuellar HUMANE Act. 

“We all recognize the terrible humanitarian crisis that is occurring at the border, and all of us should come together to end the policies that have caused it,” Cruz said in a statement. “Tens of thousands of children are being smuggled into the United States by dangerous drug cartels and transnational gangs; it is heartless to allow that to continue."

Cruz added that the intent of the bill is to stop the application of the President's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Cruz and other Republicans blame that bill for the current border crisis, because it does not deport certain undocumented children who come to the United States.

Cruz's measure would stop any federal agency from using taxpayer resources to consider new applicants using DACA.

Poll: Immigration crisis is country’s biggest problem

While many analysts looking at the upcoming mid-term elections think the economy will be the driving force that gets you to vote, a new poll shows that immigration might have taken over that role.

A new Gallup poll says 17% of you say the border crisis is the country's top problem - the highest percentage since 2006. Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak says it's not just because of the media coverage.

“It’s more of a response to fear that people have that without border security they don’t feel secure,” Mackowiak said.

And that is partly why there is a demonstration planned this morning by ALIPAC and other groups at the Mexican Consulate in Houston. Overall, there are more than 300 protests planned today and tomorrow with over 30 of them being in Texas. Katrina Pierson of Grassroots America says many of you are just fed up.

“A lot of Americans are upset because they think they’ve been lied to by the government and state officials about what’s actually happening on the border,” Pierson stated.

Speaking of lies, KTRH’s Matt Patrick, in the Rio Grande Valley this week, is being told by border agents that illegal immigrant children are being coached to say they are escaping from gang violence, and that those claims have been exaggerated.